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Selected Papers from PEPM 1997

Theoretical Computer Science
Volume 248, Number 1-2
October 2000

Table of Contents

Charles Consel
"Selected Papers from PEPM'97 - Foreword"

Luke Hornof and Jacques Noyé
"Accurate binding-time analysis for imperative languages: flow, context, and return sensitivity"

David Melski and Thomas W. Reps
"Interconvertibility of a class of set constraints and context-free-language reachability"

Rogardt Heldal and John Hughes
"Extending a partial evaluator which supports separate compilation"

Brian Grant, Markus Mock, Matthai Philipose, Craig Chambers and Susan J. Eggers
"DyC: an expressive annotation-directed dynamic compiler for C"

Gilles Muller, Renaud Marlet and Eugen-Nicolae Volanschi
"Accurate program analyses for successful specialization of legacy system software"

Walid Taha and Tim Sheard
"MetaML and multi-stage programming with explicit annotations"

Olivier Danvy and Ulrik Pagh Schultz
"Lambda-dropping: transforming recursive equations into programs with block structure"

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