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Special Issue on Partial Evaluation and Program Transformation

New Generation Computing
Volume 20, Number 1
November 2001

Table of Contents

Partial Evaluation and Program Transformation Day - Guest Editor's Preface
"Robert Glück and Yoshihiko Futamura"

The Narrowing-driven Approach to Functional Logic Program Specialization
"Elvira Albert and Germán Vidal"

Binding-time Analysis for Both Static and Dynamic Expressions
"Kenichi Asai"

A Unifying Approach to Goal-directed Evaluation
"Olivier Danvy, Bernd Grobauer and Morten Rhiger"

Program Transformation System Based on Generalized Partial Computation
"Yoshihiko Futamura, Zenjiro Konishi and Robert Glück"

A Portable Approach to Dynamic Optimization in Run-time Specialization
"Hidehiko Masuhara and Akinori Yonezawa"

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