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Selected Papers from the Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation, 1987

New Generation Computing
Volume 6, Numbers 2&3

Table of Contents

Dines Bjørner
"Preface for the Special Issue (on Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation)"

Andrei P. Ershov
"Opening Key-Note Speech"

Neil D. Jones
"Scientific Foreword"

Hiroshi Fujita and Koichi Furukawa
"A Self-Applicable Partial Evaluator and Its Use in Incremental Compilation"

David A. Fuller and Samson Abramsky
"Mixed Computation of Prolog Programs"

Koichi Furukawa, Akira Okumura and Masaki Murakami
"Unfolding Rules for GHC Programs"

John P. Gallagher, Michael Codish and Ehud Y. Shapiro
"Specialisation of Prolog and FCP Programs Using Abstract Interpretation"

Laurent Hascoët
"Partial Evaluation with Inference Rules"

Arun Lakhotia and Leon Sterling
"Composing Recursive Logic Programs with Clausal Join"

Giorgio Levi and Giuseppe Sardu
"Partial Evaluation of Metaprograms in a "Multiple Worlds" Logic Language"

Chiaki Sakama and Hidenori Itoh
"Partial Evaluation of Queries in Deductive Databases"

Akikazu Takeuchi and Hiroshi Fujita
"Competitive Partial Evaluation - Some Remaining Problems of Partial Evaluation"

Raf Venken and Bart Demoen
"A Partial Evaluation System for Prolog: some Practical Considerations"

Neil D. Jones
"Challenging Problems in Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation"

Torben Æ. Mogensen and Carsten Kehler Holst

Peter Sestoft and Alexandre V. Zamulin
"Annotated Bibliography on Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation"

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