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Special Issue on the 2000 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM 2000)

Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation
Volume 14, Issue 2/3
September 2001

Table of Contents

Olivier Danvy and Julia L. Lawall

Eijiro Sumii and Naoki Kobayashi
"A Hybrid Approach to Online and Offline Partial Evaluation"

John P. Gallagher and Julio C. Peralta
"Regular Tree Languages as an Abstract Domain in Program Specialisation"

Bernd Grobauer and Zhe Yang
"The Second Futamura Projection for Type-Directed Partial Evaluation"

Naoki Kobayashi
"Type-Based Useless-Variable Elimination"

Wei-Ngan Chin and Siau-Cheng Khoo
"Calculating Sized Types"

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