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ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM '94)

Walt Disney World Vilage, Orlando, Florida, USA
June 25, 1994


Partial Evaluation, Transformation

Anders Bondorf and Dirk Dussart
"Improving CPS-Based Partial Evaluation: Writing Cogen by Hand"
ps pdf

Olivier Danvy, Karoline MalmkjŠr and Jens Palsberg
"The Essence of Eta-Expansion in Partial Evaluation"
ps pdf

Leonidas Fegaras, Tim Sheard and Tong Zhou
"Improving Programs Which Recurse over Multiple Inductive Structures"
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Program Analyses - Theory

Simon A. Courtenage and Chris D. Clack
"Analysing Resource Use in the Lambda Calculus by Type Inference"
ps pdf

Clement A. Baker-Finch
"Type Theory and Projections for Higher-Order Static Analysis"
ps pdf

Kei Davis
"PERs from Projections for Binding-Time Analysis"
ps pdf

Program Analyses - Applications

Lars Birkedal and Morten Welinder
"Binding-Time Analysis for Standard ML"
ps pdf

Peter Thiemann
"Higher-Order Redundancy Elimination"
ps pdf

Jeffrey Dean, Craig Chambers and David Grove
"Identifying Profitable Specialization in Object-Oriented Languages"
ps pdf


Mark Leone and Peter Lee
"Lightweight Run-Time Code Generation"
ps pdf

Mark P. Jones
"Dictionary-Free Overloading by Partial Evaluation"
ps pdf

Romana Baier, Robert GlŘck and Robert Z÷chling
"Partial Evaluation of Numerical Programs in Fortran"
ps pdf

Andrew A. Berlin and Rajeev J. Surati
"Partial Evaluation for Scientific Computing: The Supercomputer Toolkit Experience"
ps pdf

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