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ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM '92)

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA, USA
June 19-20, 1992


Lars Ole Andersen and Carsten K. Gomard
"Speedup Analysis in Partial Evaluation: Preliminary Results"

Karoline MalmkjŠr
"Predicting Properties of Residual Programs"

Babak Dehbonei and Pierre Jouvelot
"Semantical Interprocedural Analysis by Partial Symbolic Evaluation"

Bernhard Rytz and Marc Gengler
"A Polyvariant Binding Time Analysis"

Morry Katz and Daniel Weise
"Towards a New Perspective on Partial Evaluation"

Wei-Ngan Chin
"Fully Lazy Higher-Order Removal"

David Sherman and Robert Strandh
"Call Unfolding Strategies for Equational Logic Programs"

Lars Ole Andersen
"Self-applicable C Program Specialization"

Charles Consel and Satish Pai
"A Programming Environment for Binding-time Based Partial Evaluators"

Erik Ruf and Daniel Weise
"Improving the Accuracy of Higher-Order Specialization using Control Flow Analysis"

Thomas Cheatham and Dan C. Stefanescu
"A Suite of Optimizers Based on Abstract Interpretation"

Sheila Harnett and Margaret Montenyohl
"Towards Efficient Compilation of a Dynamic Object-Oriented Language"

C. T. P. Burton
"Program Transformation by Derivor Manipulations"

John Field
"A Simple Rewriting Semantics for Realistic Imperative Programs and its Application to Program Analysis"

Khaled Bsa´es
"A Framework for Mechanizing Logic Program Transformation: The Synthesis of Eureka-Properties"

Torben Ă. Mogensen
"Self-applicable Partial Evaluation for Pure Lambda Calculus"

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