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ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM '02)

Portland, Oregon, USA
January 14-15, 2002


Invited Talk

Craig Chambers
"Staged compilation"
ACM Digital Library

Session 1

Anne-Françoise Le Meur, Julia L. Lawall and Charles Consel
"Towards bridging the gap between programming languages and partial evaluation"
ACM Digital Library

Kenichi Asai
"Online partial evaluation for shift and reset"
ACM Digital Library

Claus Brabrand and Michael I. Schwartzbach
"Growing languages with metamorphic syntax macros"
ACM Digital Library

Session 2

Jens P. Secher and Morten H. Sørensen
"From checking to inference via driving and dag grammars"
ACM Digital Library

Germán Vidal
"Cost-augmented narrowing-driven specialization"
ACM Digital Library

Lunjin Lu
"Path dependent analysis of logic programs"
ACM Digital Library

Session 3

Gustavo Gomez and Yanhong A. Liu
"Automatic time-bound analysis for a higher-order language"
ACM Digital Library

Roberto Giacobazzi and Isabella Mastroeni
"Compositionality in the puzzle of semantics"
ACM Digital Library

Invited Talk

Christian H. Bischof, Paul D. Hovland and Boyana Norris
"Implementation of automatic differentiation tools"
ACM Digital Library

Session 4

Yanhong A. Liu and Scott D. Stoller
"Program optimization using indexed and recursive data structures"
ACM Digital Library

Naren Ramakrishnan, Robert Capra and Manuel A. Pérez-Quiñones
"Mixed-initiative interaction = mixed computation"
ACM Digital Library

Gilles Barthe and Tarmo Uustalu
"CPS translating inductive and coinductive types"
ACM Digital Library

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