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ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM '00)

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
January 22-23, 2000


Manuvir Das
"Static Analysis of Large Programs: Some Experiences (Abstract of Invited Talk)"
ACM Digital Library

Mathias Braux and Jacques Noyé
"Towards Partially Evaluating Reflection in Java"
ACM Digital Library

Eijiro Sumii and Naoki Kobayashi
"Online-and-Offline Partial Evaluation: A Mixed Approach (Extended Abstract)"
ACM Digital Library

Bernd Grobauer and Zhe Yang
"The Second Futamura Projection for Type-Directed Partial Evaluation"
ACM Digital Library

Frank Pfenning
"On the Logical Foundations of Staged Computation (Abstract of Invited Talk)"
ACM Digital Library

Walid Taha
"A Sound Reduction Semantics for Untyped CBN Mutli-Stage Computation. Or, the Theory of MetaML is Non-trival (Extended Abstract)"
ACM Digital Library

John P. Gallagher and Julio C. Peralta
"Using Regular Approximations for Generalisation During Partial Evalution"
ACM Digital Library

Giorgio Levi and Fausto Spoto
"Non Pair-Sharing and Freeness Analysis Through Linear Refinement"
ACM Digital Library

Wei-Ngan Chin and Siau-Cheng Khoo
"Calculating Sized Types"
ACM Digital Library

Yanhong A. Liu and Scott D. Stoller
"From Recursion to Iteration: What are the Optimizations?"
ACM Digital Library

Jonathan Walpole
"Operating Systems Specialization: Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges (Abstract of Invited Talk)"
ACM Digital Library

Naoki Kobayashi
"Type-Based Useless Variable Elimination"
ACM Digital Library

Brian R. Murphy and Monica S. Lam
"Program Analysis with Partial Transfer Functions"
ACM Digital Library

Bernhard Scholz, Johann Blieberger and Thomas Fahringer
"Symbolic Pointer Analysis for Detecting Memory Leaks"
ACM Digital Library

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