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ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM '99)

San Antonio, Texas
January 22-23, 1999


Alan Bawden
"Quasiquotation in Lisp (invited talk)"
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Todd L. Veldhuizen
"C++ Templates as Partial Evaluation"
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Torben Mogensen
"Godelisation in the untyped lambda-calculus"
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Morten Rhiger
"Deriving a Statically Typed Type-Directed Partial Evaluator"
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Peter Thiemann
"Interpreting Specialization in Type Theory"
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Charles Consel
"Program Adaptation based on Program Specialization (invited talk)"
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Sandrine Chirokoff and Charles Consel
"Combining Program and Data Specialization"
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Luke Hornof and Trevor Jim
"Certifying Compilation and Run-time Code Generation"
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German Puebla, Manuel Hermenegildo and John P. Gallagher
"An Integration of Partial Evaluation in a Generic Abstract Interpretation Framework"
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Zhenjiang Hu, Masato Takeichi and Hideya Iwasaki
"Diffusion: Calculating Efficient Parallel Programs"
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Mark Tullsen and Paul Hudak
"Shifting Expression Procedures into Reverse"
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Matthew Dwyer and John Hatcliff
"Slicing Software for Model Construction"
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Wei-Ngan Chin, Aik-Hui Goh and Siau-Cheng Khoo
"Effective Optimization of Multiple Traversals in Lazy Languages"
ps pdf

Ralf Laemmel
"Declarative aspect-oriented programming"
ps pdf

C. Barry Jay
"Partial Evaluation of shaped programs: experience with FISh"
ps pdf

Olin Shivers
"Rehabilitating CPS (invited talk)"
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