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IFIP TC2 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation

Gammel Avernęs, Denmark
October 18-24, 1987


Neil D. Jones
"Scientific Foreword"

Andrei P. Ershov and Neil D. Jones
"Two Charactizations of Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation"

Andrei P. Ershov
"Opening Key-note Speech"

Neil D. Jones
"Challenging Problems"

Guntis J. Barzdin
"Mixed Computation and Compiler Basis"

Anders Bondorf
"Towards a Self-Applicable Partial Evaluator for Term Rewriting Systems"

Mikhail A. Bulyonkov
"A Theoretical Approach to Polyvariant Mixed Computation"

Mikhail A. Bulyonkov and Andrei P. Ershov
"How do ad-hoc Compiler Constructs Appear in Universal Mixed Computation Processes?"

Olivier Danvy
"Across the Bridge between Reflection and Partial Evaluation"

John Darlington and Helen Pull
"A Program Development Methodology Based on a Unified Approach to Execution and Tranformation"

Yoshihiko Futamura and Kenroku Nogi
"Generalized Partial Computation"

P. G. Harrison
"Function Inversion"

N. Carsten Kehler Hoist
"Language Triplets: The AMIX Approach"

John Hughes
"Backwards Analysis of Functional Programs"

Vladimir E. Itkin
"An Algebra and Axiomatization System of Mixed Computation"

Neil D. Jones
"Automatic Program Specialization: A Re-Examination from Basic Principles"

Peter Kursawe
"Pure Partial Evaluation and Instantiation"

John Launchbury
"Projections for Specialisation"

Sviatoslav S. Lavrov
"On the Essence of Mixed Computation"

Torben Ę. Mogensen
"Partially Static Structures in a Self-Applicable Partial Evaluator"

Flemming Nielson
"A Formal Type System for Comparing Partial Evaluators"

Boris N. Ostrovski
"Implementation of Controlled Mired Computation in System for Automatic Development of Language-Oriented Parsers"

Alberto Pettorossi and Maurizio Proietti
"Importing and Exporting Information in Program Development"

Alexander Y. Romaneiiko
"The Generation of Inverse Functions in Refal"

Sergei A. Romanenko
"A Compiler Generator Produced by a Self-Applicable Specializer Can have a Surprisingly Natural and Understandable Structure"

David A. Schmidt
"Static Properties of Partial Evaluation"

Peter Sestoft
"Automatic Call Unfolding in a Partial Evaluator"

Carolyn Talcott and Richard Weyhrauch
"Partial Evalution, Higher-Order Abstractions, and Reflection Principles as System Building Tools"

Valentin F. Turchin
"The Algorithm of Generalization in the Supercompiler"

Tatyana I. Youganova
"A model of Language Semantics Oriented to Mixed Execution of Programs"

Jonathan Young and Patrick O'Keefe
"Experience with A Type Evaluator"

Torben Mogensen and N. Carsten Kehler Hoist

Peter Sestoft and Alexander V. Zamulin
"Annotated Bibliography on Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation"

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