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Partial Evaluation - Practice and Theory, DIKU 1998 International Summer School

Copenhagen, Denmark
June 29 - July 10, 1998


Part I: Practice and Experience Using Partial Evaluators

Torben Æ. Mogensen
"Partial Evaluation: Concepts and Applications"

John Hatcliff
"An Introduction to Online and Offline Partial Evaluation using a Simple Flowchart Language"
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Jesper Jørgensen
"SIMILIX: A Self-Applicable Partial Evaluator for Scheme"

Arne J. Glenstrup, Henning Makholm and Jens P. Secher
"C-MIX: Specialization of C Programs"

Michael Leuschel
"Logic Program Specialisation"

Part II: Theory, Systems and Applications

Torben Æ. Mogensen
"Inherited Limits"

Neil D. Jones, Carsten K. Gomard and Peter Sestoft
"Partial Evaluation for the Lambda Calculus"
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Satnam Singh and Nicholas McKay
"Partial Evaluation of Hardware"

Lennart Augustsson
"Partial Evaluation in Aircraft Crew Planning"

Morten H. Sørensen and Robert Glück
"Introduction to Supercompilation"
ps pdf

Michael Leuschel
"Advanced Logic Program Specialisation"

John Hughes
"A Type Specialisation Tutorial"
ps pdf

Robert Glück and Jesper Jørgensen
"Multi-Level Specialization (Extended Abstract)"
ps pdf

Julia L. Lawall
"Faster Fourier Transforms via Automatic Program Specialization"
ps pdf

Jens Palsberg
"Eta-Redexes in Partial Evaluation"
ps pdf

Olivier Danvy
"Type-Directed Partial Evaluation"
ps pdf

Peter Thiemann
"Aspects of the PGG System: Specialization for Standard Scheme"

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